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    We have two Yoga classes running Malborough Village Hall:

    Yoga classes with Jenny

    Wednesdays 9:30am - 10:30am

    Jenny studied yoga in India with the Himalaya Yoga Valley under yogacharia Lalit Kumar and his excellent team of teachers. She works within a modified ashtanga series which is less athletically demanding than the full ashtanga primary series, but which develops solid foundations, strength, calm and improves flexibility. Graduates of Himalaya Yoga Valley teach with tradition, compassion, non-judgement, space, encouragement and sensitivity. Emphasis is on you, your body, and where you are with your practice on the day.

    Jenny's Wednesday morning classes are very friendly and inclusive. A reasonable level of mobility is required for this class as you will be sitting on the floor and getting back up. There's also some gentle cardio in the warm-ups. Contact Jenny if you'd like to be pointed in the direction of classes for the less mobile or if you'd like further information.

    This class operates on a drop-in basis. Beginners and new students are always welcome and your first class is half price.

    £3 first class
    £6 standard drop-in
    £5 concessions and low-waged drop-in

    5 class passes available (5 classes for the price of 4)

    Please arrive 10 minutes early to the class.
    Text/call/WhatsApp 07970 515 391


    Yoga classes with Simply Soulful Yoga

    Starting Thursday 5th January 2017

    Thursday 6.00pm Gentle Beginner's Yoga (1-hr)
    Thursday 7.15pm Yoga Boot Camp (1-hr)

    Due to start Spring 2017

    Thursday 8.30pm Well-Woman Yoga (1hr)


    First class - £5.00 p/p
    Single session - £7.00 p/p
    Pre-pay 4 sessions - £27.00 p/p (£6.75 per class)
    Pre-Pay 8 sessions - £52.00 p/p (£6.50 per class)
    Pre-Pay 12 sessions - £72.00 p/p (£6.00per class)
    Pre-paid session prices can be used at any time within 6 months.

    Donna McCheyne

    BA (Hons), Yoga Teacher Dip. FRYOG, Holistic Therapist (MFHT)

    Tel: 07941 508 004

    Donna is a qualified Yoga Teacher (Dip. FRYOG) and Holistic & Complementary Therapist (MFHT).  She offers regular yoga classes, treatments and holistic services in Malborough, Kingsbridge & Salcombe, through her practice Simply Soulful (, where she helps individuals to feel empowered and to 'Smile on the Inside'.

    Donna’s yoga classes at Malborough Village Hall include

    Gentle Beginner's Yoga (Thursday 6.00pm / 1-hr)
    Gentle movement (asana) is married with breath work (pranayama), to allow you to benefit from a sense of deep relaxation and enhanced mind-body connection. Typically, classes include a warm up, asana practise, pranayama and relaxation. Yoga asana is tailored to suit the individual and use of blocks, belts and blankets is encouraged in all classes.

    Boot Camp Yoga (Thursday 7.15pm / 1-hr)
    A dynamic yoga asana programme that focuses on building strength in the legs, upper body and core, and will leave you feeling energised and motivated. This class includes a warm up, main asana practise and final relaxation, all designed to help stoke the digestive fire deep within your belly, increase metabolism and heart rate. Please note, less emphasis is placed on relaxation and meditation than other classes. There is the opportunity for this class to be held in the great outdoors when the weather permits. Please participate regularly for maximum benefit.

    Well-Woman Yoga (Thursday 8.30pm / 1-hr)
    Embrace the divine feminine within. These practices support and enhance women’s health and vitality at all stages of life, from adolescence and menstrual years to peri and post menopause. Feminine yoga asana is offered to both empower and delight, along with mudra, bandha, pranayama and meditation to enhance the flow of prana, promoting healing, connection with our inner wisdom and heart based responsiveness.

    The benefits you may receive from your yoga practise include:

    • Increased relaxation, flexibility, strengthen muscles, weight loss, energy levels
    • Improved blood circulation, posture, balance, lung capacity, immune system, digestive system, sleep patterns, toxin elimination
    • Reduced stress, anxiety, blood pressure, emotional frustration
    • Enhanced healthy habits, positive thinking, spiritual growth, involvement in own healing, inner wisdom, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth
    • A sense of tranquillity, calmness and positive well-being
    • Greater creativity, clarity of thought and concentration
    • Balance of mind, body and soul

    Places are limited, so please kindly reserve your place by contacting Donna in advance.