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    Body Control Pilates

    Body Control Pilates

    with Franny Morris, BCPA/REPs/RGN

    Malborough Village Hall Annexe
    Monday 17:45hrs and 19:00hrs (term time)
    £8.75 per session - Booking essential

    Phone: 07590 506027

    Pilates is an exercise technique which was devised by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 19th century, originally called 'Contrology'. He drew on a variety of disciplines, amongst others; martial arts, boxing, gymnastics, dance and yoga, building the exercises around eight core principles:

    • Concentration
    • Relaxation
    • Alignment
    • Breathing
    • Core Stability
    • Co-ordination and control
    • Flowing movements
    • Stamina

    I'm a qualified nurse and started practicing Pilates to improve chronic back pain which I'd developed as an occupational hazard! It was amazing and taught me so much about body awareness, good posture and moving well. So much so, that I decided to learn to teach so I could help others. I do this in small groups (maximum of 12) and use a hands on approach when necessary to help clients with their alignment. Almost anyone can do it because adaptations can be made to suit your ability/restrictions. A 1-1 is required first so I can understand how you move and give you the basics so you can safely join a class.

    It's not just for girls either! National and Olympic rugby, swimming, tennis, rowing, hockey and golf sports men and women (to name but a few), use it to enhance technique and performance making movements more efficient, consistent and powerful.

    I'm keen to answer any queries you have, and there's also more information on my website I'm also happy to consider opening up more classes if there's a need, so let me know.