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News: Newly refurbished Tennis Courts

Newly refurbished Tennis Courts

Monday 22 March, 2021, by Gail Allen

The tennis courts by Malborough Village Hall have been refurbished and resurfaced.  A temporary lining for the Tennis Courts has been laid for now but in the Spring (when the weather is warmer) a coloured surface together with permanent lining for both Tennis and Netball Courts will be applied.
Meanwhile, we would like Malborough residents to enjoy the use of the much improved Tennis Courts for free (the Netball Courts will be available to use in the Spring).  To gain access to the courts please call 01548 561841 / 07565 887767 or 01548 562306. 
When the work is finally completed, we will be setting up a more formalised access and will notify everyone of the procedure.

The refurbishment of these facilities came from two sources: the 106 payment for Open Space, Sport and Recreation and also the CRPR (Community Re-investment Projects Fund).