Heart of the South Hams, Devon

Parish Councillors and their responsibilities
Chairman Cllr. John Yeoman
Vice Chairman Cllr. Gill Boyce
Councillors Mrs Lucinda Goodhead,  Mrs Ann Kendall, Mr Keith Makepeace, Mr Paul Pedrick, Mrs Hayley Rutherford, Mr John Sampson, Mr Kevin Yeoman
Responsibilities Feoffees Committee Cllr. Gill Boyce
Recycling Warden & CVS liaison Cllr Ann Kendall
Footpath Wardens Cllrs Gill Boyce and Lucinda Goodhead
Estuary Liaison Cllr John Yeoman
Wheels Park/Defibrillators Cllr Hayley Rutherford
Police Liaison Cllr Paul Pedrick
Allotment Rep. Tony Lyle
Village Hall liaison By rotation
Tree Warden Mr Alan Benstead, Assistant  - Mrs Eva Bond
Messenger Editor Cllr Ann Kendall
Parish Clerk Mrs Kathy Harrod
tel: 07704 941 150
(10.00-17.00hrs Mon-Thu)

Phone Numbers for Councillors and the Clerk can be found on the back of The Messenger.

The Parish Council meet on the 3rd Wednesday in the month (excluding August*). All Parishioners are very welcome to attend.  Details of the meetings - time, venue and agendas - can be found here, on the Parish News page and on the Village notice boards.