Heart of the South Hams, Devon



Monday 19 October, 2015, by Debbie Ede

Government is placing emphasis on planning at the local level because it believes that local people know best what local needs are and how they can be met.  Since April 2012, local communities have been able to produce Neighbourhood Plans for their local area, putting in place planning policies for the future development and growth of the neighbourhood

Make no mistake about it, development IS going to happen and Malborough will need to both develop and grow over the coming years.

So we can sit back and do nothing with respect to the development of the village and its environs or we can be more pro-active and have a Plan!

We have to have a vision for what we want Malborough to look like and be in 20 years’ time.  Our vision is: In twenty years’ time Malborough will be a vibrant, growing and prosperous community.  It will have a balanced demographic of young people, working families and the elderly and retired.  More than 90% of the housing stock will remain as permanent homes and these will be affordable, and accessible, to the local community (with reference to the average local wage).  Local employment opportunities and services will be encouraged whilst the rural character of the village and its surroundings will be protected.  Malborough will continue to provide and develop diverse leisure and recreational activities to ensure a happy, healthy and diverse community.

Interested?  Or sounds like yet another bureaucratic exercise by the pen-pushers? 

We really need your help!

If everyone just sits back and lets things happen then we have only ourselves to blame when we are less than impressed by the outcomes.  We need a little of your time plus a lot of your ideas and aspirations.  For those that have the enthusiasm we would also welcome your inputs into the Steering Group as we develop the plan over the next 18 months or so. 

There will be questionnaires (short ones, not pages long!) coming out and we implore you to take 5 mins to complete and return them – or just email, write or ring us with your ideas and/or concerns. 

To get involved contact anyone of your Parish Councillors or Debbie and we can take it from there.